Aglime Fertilisers’ 250 Superfine™ FormulationReduce the effects of acid soil - Increase crop and pasture yields

Aglime's Superfine is graded for consistency and fineness to meet a broad range agricultural needs.

Superfine is an ideal soil conditioner that will work to reduce soil acidity, introduce and maintain crucial nutrients, and help you to produce bigger and better crop yields.

To achieve the Superfine classification, our product complies with the following rigorous minimum standards:

Material   Symbol    Typical Chemical Analysis
 Calcium Carbonate




 Magnesium Carbonate



< 2%




< 1%

 Available Calcium




These standards guarantee ease of application and maximum desired benefits.

.Download Aglime 250 Superfine Information Data Sheet

CLICK HERE - Aglime 250 Superfine Information Sheet (PDF)

.Superfine - Striking the Optimum Balance

Finely-ground limestone fertiliser achieves such potent results for two reasons.

Firstly, finer particles allow for greater surface contact between fertiliser and soil, providing an effectiveness multiplier.

Secondly, finely-ground particles disperse into the soil more quickly, increasing the rate of effectiveness.

Lime fertilisers produced with 99% particle screening at 75μm achieves slightly better results, but requires the significant added expense of specialized machinery for proper dispersal. Lime fertiliser with particle sizes larger than 500μm may be less expensive, but they are slower acting and less effective in general. Our Aglime Fertilisers Superfine formulation achieves the best balance of cost and effectiveness, a compromise that ensures you realize the greatest possible return on your investment.


As a 'fine particle fertiliser,' Superfine formulation ensures that you do not waste precious time waiting for your soil to achieve optimum conditioning. Coarsely ground agricultural fertilisers can take one year or more to achieve their proper effect. Our Superfine formulation is crafted to begin working immediately, with no delay between application and activation.

.Better Performance

Superfine formulation offers a distinct performance advantage over other, coarsely ground agricultural lime fertilisers. Other lime fertilisers may disperse unevenly and incompletely, leaving you with problem areas that under-perform and suffer from high soil acidity, poor drainage, spotty production and increased erosion. Our Superfine formulation disperses completely and evenly, ensuring consistent soil conditioning, balanced pH levels and total nutrient enhancement.

  • Better, more vigorous establishment of crops and pasture
  • Higher crop and pasture yield
  • Increased livestock carrying capacity
  • Greater persistence of pasture species and fewer weeds
  • Improved results from fertiliser application
  • Accelerates biological activity
  • Greater land management flexibility in production choice
  • Greater sustainability

Superfine is available individually in 25-kilo bags and 1 tonne bulk bags, or in bulk supplies from our new-modern facility just off the Hume Highway at Marulan.

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