Landscaping Ag 20 - Crushed Limestone Aggregate

Although low-maintenance landscaping options are many and varied, crushed stone delivers the highest value over the longest period of time. Used along walks, flower beds, and waterscapes, crushed white limestone will minimize weed growth and soil erosion, while keeping the soil moist for plants. High-brightness limestone aggregate is selected for its high contrast against lush green lawns and colorful gardens.

. Aggregate 20 - White Pebble Agregate

Demand over recent years has been steadily increasing for an alternative to expensive white pebbles such as Cowra White.

Consider Ag20 as the versatile, stylish and economical alternatively. Ag20 is a stunning crisp white limestone aggregate graded to 20mm. Ag20 has numerous benefits with a wide range of applications:

Aglime Aggregate 20
  • Soft white colour Well suited to small or large areas without being over powering. Suitable for driveways and gardens.
  • Fantastic contrast with foliage and paverSuitable from major landscaping projects to small indoor and outdoor planters and pots.
  • Nutrient Rich Calcium Calcium is a naturally occurring mineral in limestone that helps stimulate plant growth in poor quality soils by increasing the pH level to assist plants in absorbing nutrients.
  • Massive Cost SavingIncrease your stock line and profit.The actual raw material cost can be as much as 50% less than other white pebbles. The overall cost saving is further reduced due to close proximity and lower cartage costs.

.The attractive alternative

Consider limestone aggregate as an alternative to white pebbles or bark.

Ag20 is avaible throughout Sydney and Canberra region at local landscape and garden supplies.